Here are some basic feng shui tips to keep in mind when looking for a new home. This will make it easier for you to select a home that has good basic feng shui and works with your individual feng shui energy too.

1) Find a home that is on a square lot. This will create overall balance for the property and allow an even stream of both yin and yang energy.

2) The House ought to be centered on the lot rather than off to one side, too close to the front yard (leaving a much better back yard) or too close to the back (leaving a much bigger front yard). If the house has a larger front yard than back yard bringing money into your household will be simple but lynching on it will be challenging.

If the front yard is slighter than the backyard bringing money into your household will be More difficult but once you get it you will have an easier Job saving it. Try to unearth a home anywhere the front and back yards are equal in size.

3) There ought to be trees, another House or fence behind the home to keep the positive energy on your property and make it easier to Hang on to your money.

4) Stand in the street and look at the front of the house. Any vegetation, buildings, telephone poles, flag poles, trees, et cetera. Ought to be higher on the right side of the home than the left. If it is the other way around it can create legal problems and/or angry females in the home.

5) The ideal shape of a House is square, however it can be tricky to find a flawlessly square home. If the House isn't square then you will at least want the House to maintain all of your 4 personal top directions (Success, Health, Relationships, Wisdom) because if any of these areas are somewhat or completely missing you will have more problems in these areas of your life.

Your individual best directions are different from universal feng shui directions for Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom. Your personal directions are particular to you and based on your birthday.

6) Ideally the front entrance should stand facing the Success or Relationship direction of the bread winner in the family. If you are retired then finding a house where the front door faces any of your four top directions is fine.

7) Your master bedroom ought to be in one of your four top directions in the family. A simplified way to determine this is to pencil in a tic-tac-toe symbol above the floor plan of the residence and see what direction the master bedroom is located in (N, S, E, W, SE, SW, NE or NW). If it's in one of your four preeminent directions this will be beneficial for you.

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