Feng Shui in the Bedroom - 5 Easy Principles

Using the positive energy of feng shui in the bedroom is an excellent way to maximize your rest time allowing you to wake each morning refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on whatever life offers. The bedroom is one of the most if not the most important rooms in the house so treat it with the respect it deserves, follow a few simple feng shui principles and you'll be amazed at how good you'll feel each morning.

Feng shui principles dictate that the placing of the bed in the room is vital to allow for maximum energy flow. Whenever possible, set up your bed so you have a view of the door from where you lay but not directly in front of the door. If like me you have a smaller bedroom and no option on bed placement, an alternative is to pop a mirror on the wall that reflects the view of the door to you on the bed.

Whenever possible allow the rooms' energy to flow by maximizing open floor space. If you have a bedroom full of clutter, box it up and move it to storage, organize it in a closet or if it's something you haven't touched for six months or more, donate it to the Salvation Army. Either way cleaning up your living and sleeping space works every time to refresh the energy in the room and you.

If you're like I used to be, a TV in the bedroom was a must. How else could I fall asleep watching the news each night? The transition was a long hard process but getting rid of the TV, stereo or computer from the bedroom is an absolute 
feng shui must. Not only do the electronics sap the energy from the room but going to sleep with a diet of strictly negative news items on your mind is a guaranteed way to have your subconscious mind working keeping you in a lousy and unproductive vibration.

Exercise equipment is another no go for the bedroom. Place that somewhere else in the house and reserve your bedroom as a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

If you're thinking about changing color schemes to meet 
feng shui guidelines, browns, beiges or yellows are highly recommended but there's always room for violet and pink shades. Subtle tones are best, while you should avoid grays, blues and greens as they not known for helping with positive energy flow.

There are no demands as far as 
feng shui is concerned when it comes to bedroom furniture. Go modern or go classic; whatever meets your fancy. The one unwritten guideline is if you choose second hand pieces for your bedroom try to source the history of the furniture. If the previous owners had been in a failed business or relationship as funny as it may sound, avoid putting that furniture in your house. It contains a negative energy that will disrupt all the positives you've worked hard to build in your room.

Feng Shui In The Bedroom - Tips and Tricks


Feng shui is Renowned in many areas of the planet and we here in the west are now catching onto the positives in a great big way.

Your bedroom is one of the Best and significant rooms (if not the most important) area in your house and it's a wonderful place to put the philosophy of feng shui into action. Proper usage of Feng shui in the bedroom puts you in Touch with all the positive energy leading to a more rested, invigorated and in-touch you - sounds useful? Then read on.

Feng shui is open to interpretation depending on the theme you decide to keep to but in any case, here are general traits you can put to use:

•If you're like I used to be, a Television in the bedroom was a requirement but feng shui values state that electronics like televisions and computers or even less complicated things such as work out equipment will disrupt the energy stream. It's a bit of an adjustment but, well worth it. The bedroom must be about rest and leisure; the majority of the time anyway!

•Keep your windows free of any darkening treatments and when possible, keep them open to allow a constant current of fresh air. If, like me, you live a cold winter climate, you not sleeping with the windows open but you can aid an air purifier to clean the air and keep the energy flowing.

•If feasible, have a way to vary the amount of light in the space. Natural light is a one of the biggest forms of helpful energy and nutrients. In brief, it's essential to our wellbeing and happiness so take all the benefit of it you can!

•Candles are a wonderful way to collect the energy surrounding you and your space but please take the obvious safety precautions and be sure your candles are clean burning.

•Most feng shui experts will tell you pictures in the bedroom are a no go. Pictures of relatives can lead you to concentrate on uneasiness or anxiety, pictures of single folks can indicate being alone while a picture of a family member who's possibly failed in  a small business introduces a depressing energy into the space, so stay away from them if you can.

We in the West think that Feng Shui is strictly an Asian phenomenon used simply in far away countries and "strange" cultures but in actuality, nothing could be farther from the truth.